Crust in Ellenbrook pledges pizza the action to Salvation Army

Ronny Soetanto from Crust Gourmet Pizza in Ellenbrook.
Ronny Soetanto from Crust Gourmet Pizza in Ellenbrook.

CRUST Gourmet Pizza in Ellenbrook is digging deep this Christmas, pledging to donate $5 to The Salvation Army for every order of Herb and Garlic Squares sold this month.

Franchisee Garry Soetanto said the store and the team took great pride in helping the local community.

“We’ve developed a bit of a reputation in the community for helping out where we can and that’s something we’re extremely proud of,” Mr Soetanto said.

“Christmas isn’t always a joyous time for everyone, so if we can help make a brighter Christmas for a community member or family in need then it’s worth it.

“The Salvation Army plays a strong role in our local area, helping to provide food, clothing and other services to those who need them most.

“We’re big fans of the organisation and we felt we should give back to help them continue their vital work.”

The store has been heavily involved in a number of community initiatives since it opened in 2014, including a fundraising night for Arbor Grove Primary School in May.

“We love being able to help community groups and members achieve goals that would otherwise be out of reach,” Mr Soetanto said.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar Ellenbrook is inside Ellenbrook Central, Main Street, Ellenbrook.

For more on how to donate to The Salvation Army’s Christmas Appeal, visit