Debut novel is action-packed

West has spent most of his career as a stunt co-ordinator in the Australian film and television industry but he was inspired to give writing a try after reading Dan Brown�s bestseller The Da Vinci Code.

�I read it and, okay, he�s not a classically good writer, but what a good yarn,� he said.

�I sat down and thought �if I can think of something, I�d have a go at it�, so I came up with a storyline and off I went.�

The Night the Angels Wept is set in the Vatican and the Australian Outback.

When the human race is destroyed by a deadly strain of anthrax, there are just two survivors, and the daughter of God and the Devil take human form to fight for their bodies and souls.

Having worked as a stunt co-ordinator or stunt double on nearly 100 television and film features, West was able to draw on his action experience for the novel.

�That helped me a lot to write in a very filmic style with the action sequences and descriptive passages,� he said.

Despite the positive reviews, West said he did not intend on writing another novel, describing the process as �very difficult indeed�.

The Night the Angels Wept is available for download at