Digger remembers his mates lost in Vietnam

Phillip Warren wears his service medals.
Phillip Warren wears his service medals.

He finished his apprenticeship in fitting and turning and within six months was serving as a national serviceman in the jungle.

‘I served with the 9th Battalion as a scout for 10 Platoon D Company,’ the 66-year-old said.

‘I lost a couple of good friends over there in ’68-’69.

‘A few other guys in the other platoons that I had only met a few times also died.

‘It was unfortunate and sad, but you never forget.

‘That’s what Remembrance Day is about ” remembering the fallen.’

Mr Warren said he also made many lifetime friends during his army service.

‘I’ve just come back from Victoria where we had a reunion down at Phillip Island.

‘At least two or three of the guys I hadn’t seen for 43 years.

‘You make a lot of good friends in the army.’