Ellenbrook optometrist promotes need for check ups during eye health month

Optician Tanveer Kaur checks a client's eyesight. Picture: Bruce Hunt.
Optician Tanveer Kaur checks a client's eyesight. Picture: Bruce Hunt.

MORE than 7000 Ellenbrook residents are putting their sight at risk by failing to have their eyes checked for vision problems, according to a local optometrist.

Specsavers optometrist Duncan Rogers is urging people to get their sight checked during eye health awareness month in July after new research showed “alarming results”.

According to Specsavers research released in May, two in three Ellenbrook residents over 40 experienced problems with their eyes and needlessly put their sight at risk by not having it checked.

Mr Rogers said if people did not take preventative measures to look after their eyes, the number of people over the age of 40 with vision related problems and vision loss will continue to rise as the population continues to age.

“It is very concerning to see the number of residents over the age of 40 that aren’t getting their eyes tested regularly,” he said.

Optician Tanveer Kaur checks a client’s eyesight. Picture: Bruce Hunt.

“Medicare data shows that as many as 58 per cent of Australians are not following the industry recommendation of having their eyes tested at least every two years.

“In this day and age we shouldn’t be seeing people unnecessarily losing their vision but we are.”

Of the 12,000 Ellenbrook residents over the age of 40, it is estimated that 7004 are experiencing a problem with their eyes and failing to see an optometrist or health care professional about the problems they’re experiencing.

Mr Rogers said not having your eyes checked could be the difference between people eventually able to see their grandkids clearly or not.

“Vision problems are very common and can affect people at any age but in most cases they can be easily managed,” he said.

“Left uncorrected, however, they can eventually lead to vision loss and even blindness.

“If you speak to a friend or colleague who complains about their eyes, or notice them squinting more or having trouble reading, please encourage them to book an appointment with an optometrist for an eye test.”