Ellenbrook’s top cop says ‘report crime, don’t post it on social media’

Snr Sgt Wally Brierley OIC of the Ellenbrook station. Picture: David Baylis         d469135
Snr Sgt Wally Brierley OIC of the Ellenbrook station. Picture: David Baylis        d469135

ELLENBROOK’s top cop has urged the community to report crime to the police rather than post it on social media, to avoid unnecessary concern.

Senior Sergeant Wal Brierley said crime in Ellenbrook continued to decrease despite what some residents posted to local social media groups. He said posting on these groups did not make the community safer and did not help police.

He said as well as a reduction in crime rates, there had been an increase in sanction rates, which are used to measure the number of criminals brought to justice each year.

“At the end of April, burglaries on dwellings were down 9.5 per cent from the same time last year and non-dwelling burglaries were down 17.2 per cent, while stolen motor vehicles were down 15 per cent,” he said.

“Ellenbrook is very safe place to live and no one should have concerns about living here.”

Sen Sgt Brierley said often with social media sites, information that was posted was not factual or had not been reported to police.

“Often with social media sites the information given may not be true or only half factual – it can be like Chinese whispers,” he said.

“When you consider how big Ellenbrook is compared with other suburbs, the increasing population and the fact crime stats are decreasing, we are doing extremely well.”

Police Minister Michelle Roberts announced last month that the Ellenbrook police station would be open 24/7 as of July 24.

Sen Sgt Brierley said the station would also get 12 additional police, which would only improve police response times and accessibility.

He said if people had been a victim of crime it was important to report it to police and get off social media.

“If people don’t report it then we can’t help,” he said.

“If people want to make the community safer then get to know your neighbours and lock your cars and homes and put valuable belongings out of sight – these are the simplest ways to avoid being a victim of crime.”

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