False mayday call inquiry

Image: File photo.
Image: File photo.

A police spokesman said about 1.30pm on May 20, police received a call from the Perth International Airport and RAAF Pearce traffic control towers advising they had received a mayday call about a helicopter crashing in the Muckenburra Lake area.

An emergency response was initiated and police resources from Gingin, Lancelin, Moora and Northam, along with personnel from the Gingin Volunteer Fire Service and aircraft searched the area.

‘An extensive search took place that continued until more information was received indicating the mayday call was a false report,’ the police spokeswoman said

‘A large amount of resources was dispatched during this emergency response, which may have impacted if a genuine emergency occurred at the same time.

‘Creating a false belief is a serious offence and can result in up to two years imprisonment.

‘A person can be ordered to pay all or some of the expenses of any action taken by police or emergency services.’

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.