Former UWA associate professor calls for block on fracking in WA

Former UWA associate professor calls for block on fracking in WA

A FORMER UWA associate professor and hydrogeologist Ryan Vogwill has urged the State Government to block the fracking industry, with fears it could have direct impact on agriculture across WA.

Dr Vogwill released a report last week outlining serious concern over the unconventional gas industry and suggested it should be blocked until independent investigations could prove it could be done safely.

He said farming pursuits in Gingin and Bullsbrook could be at risk of contamination if fracking was to go ahead.

It was also not known what the risk was to the contamination of produce.

“Exploration alone has capacity to locally impact groundwater resources and the environment, including areas hydraulically connected to those sites through faults and other potential conduits,” he said.

“Gingin and Bullsbrook have a lot of citrus growers, so the risk of contamination to the ground water supply would directly impact growers in the area.”

“Australia has a great reputation and history with exporting clean and fresh produce, which could be impacted by fracking.”

Mr Vogwill said he was not anti-fracking or pro-fracking, but believe it should not go ahead near any ground water or aquifers, which could be contaminated.

“We must have immediate bans in conservation estate and priority water area like Gnangara Mound, Perth’s most important groundwater supply, where there are current exploration leases.”

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