Greenwell the king of Gingin heifers

Alan Greenwell with some of his prize heifers.
Alan Greenwell with some of his prize heifers.

The competition, founded in 1984, highlights the strength of Gingin cattle breeding and displays the season’s top commercial and stud heifers from the district. About 80 heifers from 12 entrants were judged, including the Black Angus, Murray Grey and Speckled Park breeds.

Local breeder Alan Greenwell won the commercial title with his pen of four Black Angus heifers, while Garry Thomas’ pen of Tungamah Speckle Park heifers won the stud section.

In the overall section, Mr Greenwell finished on top with 89 points from George Gifford (88) and Dale Jansen, Steve Neville and David Roe (87).

Chair of the Midlands Cattle Breeders Association Tony Sudlow judged the competition on five qualities ” temperament, structural soundness, femininity, carcass and evenness of pen ” for a maximum score of 100 points.

‘The Gingin Heifer Competition underlines the magnificent cattle in Gingin. The breeders can be very proud of the work they do to attain this level of quality,’ Mr Sudlow said.

Competition organiser George Gifford said the standard of cattle breeding in Gingin had improved consistently over the years of the competition.

‘It’s very pleasing to see the results of quality management by local breeders,’ he said.