Greyhound Adoptions WA to deliver 250 coats to dogs in Macau

Andrea Pollard’s greyhound Misty modelling one of the coats.
Andrea Pollard’s greyhound Misty modelling one of the coats.

GREYHOUND advocates will travel to Macau tomorrow to deliver about 250 coats for dogs left behind when greyhound racing ended there.

Greyhound Adoptions WA volunteers Andrea Pollard, of Hocking, and Julie McWhirter, of Brigadoon, leave on January 17 to help Australian dogs left in the Canidrome when the racing ended last year.

“We’re bringing coats with us after a donation drive from greyhound lovers all over Australia,” Ms Pollard said.

“Volunteers have been making up to 50 coats each for these hounds as they face a cold Macau winter.

Greyhound Adoptions WA will take about 250 coats to Macau to keep dogs warm.

“When we’re in Macau we will meet some of the greyhounds due to come home to Australia in 2019 to be adopted out including Alby, Ivy and Joy, who have been allocated to Greyhound Adoptions WA.

Greyhound Joy.

“These beautiful hounds will be looking for special homes when they arrive in Australia around the middle of 2019.”

Ms Pollard said about 35 greyhound lovers helped make 74 garments at a coat-making event in Carine last Sunday.

Greyhound Alby.

She said greyhound racing in Macau had been supported by the export of Australian greyhounds there.

“When the greyhound racing track in Macau, the Canidrome, closed in July 2018, racing there ended and around 500 greyhounds were left there,” she said.

“Through an international partnership of organisations, these greyhounds are slowly being taken in by rescue organisations in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia and being adopted into loving homes.”

Greyhound Ivy.