Have say on grape imports

Grape growers in the Swan Valley have previously spoken against the idea of interstate grape imports due to concerns about pests and impacts on the local market.

Table grapes from other states and territories are not currently allowed into WA, but table grapes from California are permitted entry under strict conditions.

Department plant biosecurity director John Van Schagen said the draft pest risk analysis was part of a policy review under way in response to requests to import table grapes commercially into WA.

The review report assessed 33 previously identified quarantine pests and diseases. Of these, quarantine conditions have been proposed to mitigate biosecurity risks around two plant diseases, Phomopsis cane and leaf spot, and bitter rot, and the insect pest, Queensland fruit fly.

View the report at agric.wa.gov.au and email submissions to plantbiosecuritypolicy@agric.wa.gov.au by August 1.