Kids terrorise Ellenbrook

The situation has reached the point where 80 households have petitioned the Housing Authority to boot two “nuisance” families out of Ellenbrook for good.

Titled Bring the Bridges Harmony Back, the petition states the two households let their children run wild and their once peaceful area has been turned into a “criminal hole”.

Residents allege children from the two separate households wreak havoc on the streets by killing birds at the local park, damaging sculptures, smashing lights and destroying front gardens with sticks.

Petition organiser Theresa Potter said attempts to reason with the parents of the children were futile and resulted in aggression and verbal abuse.

She said at one point police and local security patrols were being called in on a daily basis.

“We are overrun by children who are not looked after by their parents and they… are literally breaking down our beautiful parks and personal property,” she said.

Some local mothers said in the petition they were now too scared to take their children to the park for fear of abuse from the unruly kids. The City of Swan’s contracted security patrol officers have had bottles, rocks and other items thrown at them when they have challenged the youths.

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