Lancelin Jetty navigation channels to be dredged

The Department of Transport is dredging around Lancelin Jetty.
The Department of Transport is dredging around Lancelin Jetty.

SAND deposited on the beach following dredging works around Lancelin Jetty will soon fade, the Department of Transport said.

The department started maintenance dredging for the first time in eight years to restore navigation channels this month, with the sand removed used to restore beaches.

“When initially placed on the beach it will be naturally discoloured,” coastal infrastructure general manager Steve Jenkins said.

“However, it will bleach in the sun and not be noticeable after a few weeks.”

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Mr Jenkins said maintenance dredging, last done in 2009, would restore depths and ensure safe navigation and access to the jetty.

“The $500,000 project will be undertaken over the next three months and see some of the dredged material placed on Grace Darling Beach, widening the coastline and enhancing the enjoyment of the area,” he said.

An estimated 24,000 cubic metres of sand will be dredged from the channels and deposited on beaches south and north of the jetty.

Skippers operating in the area and people accessing the beach should be aware of the safety arrangements in place, with access limited at times.

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