Bennett Springs land-use change decision on hold

A DECISION on a change of use for a Bennett Springs block of land has been put on hold to allow for a traffic management report.

An application for change of use from ‘single house’ to ‘community purpose’ and ‘place of worship’ for Lot 613 Dulwich Street came back to the City of Swan council at its September 2 meeting after being deferred from the August 12 meeting.

The controversial application proposes to convert the existing building into a facility to accommodate members of the Ahlulbayt community for social activities, education and cultural functions.

The application has been met with resistance by local residents.

Dulwich Street resident Bianca Stephens spoke against the application at the meeting, believing it was not an appropriate site for the centre.

“This organisation has no links to the area,” she said.

“This is already a busy street and there is no footpath or street lighting; it would just be a matter of time until someone is hurt,” she added.

Speaking on behalf of the applicant, Paul Cunningham requested the item be deferred for three weeks until a traffic management report was completed.

Councillor David Lucas rejected the request, saying the application already breached several requirements.

Councillor Mel Congerton said the council should wait until the report was done because it was a point of heavy debate at the last meeting.

The motion to defer the item was carried 6-5.