Lyme disease in WA investigated

SUFFERERS of Lyme Disease in WA will welcome news that a Senate Inquiry has been requested into the debilitating yet largely unrecognised condition.

NSW Senator John Madigan has called for a Senate Inquiry into Lyme-like disease in Australia.

“I have listened to the treating doctors, government officials, expert pathologists and advocacy groups and I want to help unravel this travesty,” he said.

“Government attention needs to focus on the issues that can and should be addressed.”

Senator Madigan said for too long Lyme sceptics had taken the attention off helping the sick and dying patients by influencing the standards of evidence required to demonstrate the disease existed.

Senator Madigan said there had been 31,000 signatures on a petition asking the Government to take action to help Lyme-like patients.

Lyme Disease Association of Australia president Sharon Whiteman said she hoped the democracy in Australia was healthy enough to rise to the challenge of the neglect and ignorance that has prevailed toward the disease in Australia.

“People need a patient focused action plan to fight Lyme disease,” she said.