Mark McGowan says Labor will ban fracking in the Swan Valley

Mark McGowan with West Swan MLA and Rita Saffioti.
Mark McGowan with West Swan MLA and Rita Saffioti.

OPPOSTION leader Mark McGowan has announced WA Labor’s plans to ban fracking in the Swan Valley and other regions of the state.

Mr McGowan announced in Capel on Thursday that the Perth metropolitan area, Peel region and the South West would become fracking-free, while the drilling technique would be permitted in the Kimberley and Mid West.

“The Swan Valley region is a major drawcard for international visitors,” Mr McGowan said.

“These industries are incredibly important to WA’s economy and combined with the depth of the Yarragadee aquifer and land use patterns, these regions are unsuitable for fracking.

“Because of the unique natural environment, high population density, land use patterns and deep aquifers in these regions, fracking presents an unacceptable risk to farming and tourism.”

West Swan MLA Rita Saffioti supported Mr McGowan’s comments.

“After attending a recent community meeting on the subject and listening to residents’ concerns, I am glad that WA Labor has taken such a strong position,” she said.

“I hope today’s announcement will reassure local residents that a McGowan Labor Government will protect the Swan Valley.”

The announcement comes the week after well-attended anti-fracking meetings were held in Aveley and Muchea.