Millendon NBN tower gets signal to go ahead

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THE State Administrative Tribunal has approved an nbn tower in Millendon despite opposition from residents and the City of Swan.

The tribunal’s decision to approve a 30-metre monopole and ancillary facilities at 158 Hardwick Road in Millendon was handed down last month.

It cited the reason for approval was the benefit to the community outweighed the visual impacts on the locality.

Resident David Hughes has spent the past year fighting the tower, which will be located behind his property.

Mr Hughes said he was disappointed over the decision to approve the tower and disappointed a staff member from the City of Swan had not contacted him to let him know.

“It’s poor business protocol not to follow up on those who have entered statements and submissions,” he said.

It was unclear what the health impacts were from the nbn tower, but given his property was so close to it he would be the one affected.

He said among other things, the tower would put him in a direct line of transmission.

Swan Mayor David Lucas said it was disappointing to hear the tower had been approved.

“The City of Swan council refused the application for a telecommunications tower on Hardwick Road in Millendon twice as a majority of council believe that it would have an adverse impact on the visual amenity of the locality,” he said.

“So it is disappointing to hear that the tower has now been approved.”

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