The City of Swan asking for community input over dog exercise and dog prohibited areas

Dog owner Kara Ringland with Texas Jack. Ms Ringland supports the new, stricter laws, having witnessed several attacks by dogs off leashes. d427787
Dog owner Kara Ringland with Texas Jack. Ms Ringland supports the new, stricter laws, having witnessed several attacks by dogs off leashes. d427787

ELLENBROOK and Aveley dog owners may need to be more selective where they let their dogs off the leash following the introduction of new regulations.

Local governments that want to establish dog exercise areas or places where dogs are prohibited must now do so through council resolution rather than local law.

City of Swan has flagged nine parks in the Advocate’s readership area as places where dogs will need to be kept on a leash at all times. Feedback on these locations is open until October 24.

Places where dogs are completely prohibited include land set apart as a children’s playground, all school grounds, shopping premises, wildlife protection areas and Wandoo Heights Reserve in Millendon and Red Hill.

All other reserves located within the district, other than those specified in the following list can be considered dog exercise areas.

Ellenbrook resident Kara Ringland welcomed the stricter rules.

She volunteers for Ellenbrook Pet Finders and hears about five or six instances every week where pets or owners are attacked or intimidated by dogs off leads.

‘This is absolutely what we need to happen with all the dog attacks that have happened in Ellenbrook,’ she said.

‘There are dog owners out there who give the rest of us a bad name and I hope stricter rules help fine those people who really just don’t care about the safety of others.’

She said recent attacks had involved a boxer that needed stitches on its ear while a child was caught in between another dog fight last week.

City of Swan councillor Dave Lucas said the City was seeking community feedback on proposed changes to dog exercise areas and dog prohibited areas.

‘Over the past year we have had some feedback from the community which has been taken into account in drafting the proposed new dog exercise areas and dog prohibited areas,’ he said.

‘However, these comments have only come from people who have concerns about particular blocks of land. We would like to have input from a broad section of the community and invite everyone to share their views with us.’

Feedback closes on Friday, October 24 and can be provided by emailing

Copies or feedback can also be provided by calling 9267 9267.

Proposed dog parks: Dog on leash at all times
Aveley, Central Park, Egerton Drive
Aveley, Egerton Park, Wexcombe Way
Ellenbrook, Lake Fresca, Ponte Vecchio Boulevard
Ellenbrook, Moulton Wetlands, Moulton Track, Brookmount Drive,
Charlottes Vista
Ellenbrook, Mornington Park, Mornington Parkway
Ellenbrook, Charlie Gregorini Memorial Reserve, Library Avenue
Ellenbrook, Brook Park, Paperbark Close
Ellenbrook, Woodlake Park, Waterview Grove
Henley Brook, Sandown Park, Sandown Circle