Bullsbrook’s National Broadband Network connection is set to expand

BULLSBROOK’S connection to the National Broadband Network is set to expand following the announcement of a fixed wireless facility to service properties on the outskirts of town.

The NBN fixed wireless facility is proposed to attach to the existing telecommunications tower at 2133 Great Eastern Highway in Bullsbrook.

It is intended to service up to 600 homes in an 8km radius and will likely be installed in mid-2016. The upgrade involves installing antennas and ancillary equipment on the existing lattice tower and upgrades to the compound at the base of the existing facility.

NBN Co regards the facility as a low-impact one and therefore does not require planning approval from City of Swan.

Swan’s north ward councillor Kevin Bailey said he welcomed the upgrade.

“I know there are areas around Bullsbrook with black spots that have all sorts of dramas accessing internet,” he said. “It’s tremendous Bullsbrook hasn’t been forgotten and we’re bringing our communications into the 21st century.”

Currently, only homes in the Bullsbrook Landing Private Estate have access to NBN.

More information on the proposal is available from Jaap Streppel on 6145 9637 or or at www.rfnsa.-com.au/6084004.

Closing date for public comments is January 4.