Residents of the Vines bemoan Hermitage Dve becoming ‘busy rat race’

Residents of the Vines bemoan Hermitage Dve becoming ‘busy rat race’

RESIDENTS of The Vines say a once quiet road has become a busy rat run due to an increase in population in the region and poorly designed roads.

Anthony Tomlinson believes it will only be a matter of time before someone is injured on Hermitage Drive, with many drivers using it as a main access road and driving over the 50km/h speed limit.

He said in the past decade The Vines had gone from 1974 residents to 8107 residents and no changes had been made to improve access to arterial roads.

Mr Tomlinson said people from Ellenbrook were also using Hermitage Drive to get to Great Northern Highway.

“I moved to the Vines in 2007. At that time, Hermitage Drive was a no through road and we bought there because of the peace, tranquillity and safety,” he said.

“Since this time, it would appear that poor planning has resulted in numerous suburbs being tacked on to The Vines without the addition of any arterial roads to service these suburbs, resulting in Hermitage Drive becoming a 50km/h rat run for access to all of these northernmost suburbs.”

Mr Tomlinson said it was a safety issue and the City of Swan had to do something to improve the problem.

“People drive down this road at crazy speed and at all hours of the day and night. We are concerned someone will be hurt,” he said.

“The council is making decisions and approving developments but not looking at the pressure on local roads and existing residents.”

Swan chief executive Mike Foley said the City had received emails from residents concerned about the safety of the road.

“There are not currently any plans to alter Hermitage Drive,” he said.

“The current project to extend Railway Parade from Maralla Road over the Ellen Brook to Apple Street will give motorists an alternative route out of Ellenbrook (north) to head to the south, as opposed to commuting through The Vines.

“The City is engaging an independent consultant to assess road safety within The Vines, including Hermitage Drive.”

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