Road rage in school car park

A police spokesman from the Ellenbrook Inquiry Team said the incident started on The Promenade about 8.40am and ended in the school car park shortly after 8.55am.

‘The female victim and her young child were en route to Arbor Grove Primary School when she witnessed a male person driving a red Suzuki Hatchback in a dangerous manner,’ he said.

‘She was driving west along The Promenade, following a bus, when the Suzuki allegedly approached behind her at speed.

‘It then abruptly weaved into the right-hand lane then back into the left, forcing her and the bus to take evasive action.

‘The Suzuki stopped in the car park of the school and the victim went to speak with the driver about his manner of driving.

‘Following a very brief conversation, she was bombarded with a tirade of obscene language and abuse by the driver and his female passenger.

‘At the time of the incident the carpark was very busy with parents dropping their children off at school, some of whom were quite distressed at the behaviour of the Suzuki driver.’

Anyone who may have seen the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.