RSPCA removing 70 puppies and kittens from ‘designer breeding farm’ in Gingin

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RSPCA WA inspectors are in the process of removing more than 70 puppies and kittens from what appears to be a large-scale breeding operation for designer pets in Gingin.

There are approximately 46 dogs and puppies, as well as 20 cats and kittens on the property.

The ‘designer’ pets include French bulldogs, chihuahuas, maltese and shih tzu dogs as well as sphynx and munchkin cats.

The animal welfare organisation was alerted to the property by a neighbour who noticed several dogs, one of which was deceased, near the entrance to the property.

The inspector assigned to the initial investigation reported the property to the Shire of Gingin.

The shire has a by-law prohibiting residents from keeping more than two dogs at a property without council permission.

The owners were then ordered to surrender all but four of the animals to the RSPCA to be rehomed in order to avoid paying a significant fine.

Six of the animals are being held by the shire, for which the owners can apply to have returned at a later date.

An RSPCA WA statement said the animals appeared to be in good condition and would be properly assessed over the coming days.