Siblings chase a new home

Tania Elliott with foster greyhounds Darby and Joan. Picture: David Baylis d442058
Tania Elliott with foster greyhounds Darby and Joan. Picture: David Baylis d442058

The much-loved 10-year-olds, called Darby and Joan, were reluctantly released to Greyhound Adoptions WA by their owner when they fell on hard times.

The dogs were bottle-fed from birth after their mum died shortly after and Ms Elliott said they had been well cared for, were very close and loved a cuddle.

She said Darby had a lot of energy and loved to bounce when he was happy, while Joan had a calmer nature.

�It�s hard to believe they are both about 10 � they are so playful and love a good game of chasey,� she said.

She said they loved to go on walks and could do a 40-minute hike easily.

�They walk well on the lead. I walk the two of them and my husky together and all get on really well,� she said.

�Both are wonderful with kids. They are affectionate and gentle with the three and five-year-olds who come to visit.

�And they aren�t greedy dogs. They don�t wolf food down at all, they have good manners and they never beg for food when I have dinner.�

Ms Elliott said they loved to put on their coats at night, with Joan sleeping on her bed and Darby, who snores, preferring the couch.

�I would love to keep them. I have fallen in love with them but I am now on my own and three dogs is a bit much and I work long hours this time of year, so they are on their own a lot,� she said.

�These two need to be with loving people who are home more for cuddles and kids� they love kids and love dress up, or rather they tolerate necklaces and scarves.

�All they want is to be near you. I really want them to go to a good home.�

Anyone interested in adopting the pair is asked to call Roz on 0438 601 492 or Toni on 0410 395 492.