Smooth sliding for Outback Splash stage one

Stage one of the Maze Fun Park’s $70 million expansion will include an aqua play structure with platform slides and steel towers manufactured by Arihant Industrial Corp.

It is expected concrete and footings works for the pad to support the new equipment would be completed by mid-July.

More than a dozen 13m sea containers are planned be used to transport the prefabricated water slides from India to the Bullsbrook site in August.

Outback Splash general manager Phil Dixon said the play structures were relatively new to the water park industry.

‘After much research, we decided to go with large international supplier Arihant for a number of reasons, including its ability to supply a proven product and meet a tight delivery schedule,’ he said.

‘Arihant have delivered [equipment] to more than 150 projects worldwide and we are confident we will have a quality attraction delivered on time and within budget.’

Mr Dixon said Outback Splash would use only the equivalent amount of water to a backyard swimming pool because of its high-tech filtering equipment.

He said a ‘zero depth construction’ would allow the water to drain into an underground holding tank.

‘When our aqua play structure is not in operation there will be no water above the surface,’ Mr Dixon said. ‘The state-of-the art filtration system has a 95 per cent water saving over older technology.’