Snake fears overcome

Snake fanciers Sonya Vinen and Gary Crook. Picture: Bruce Hunt d422658
Snake fanciers Sonya Vinen and Gary Crook. Picture: Bruce Hunt d422658

Now, the Ellenbrook mother has several reptile handling licences under her belt and has started her own reptile relocation service.

The volunteer service will be run in conjunction with her existing community service as a volunteer firefighter, animal welfare adviser and local pet finding service.

Ms Vinen-Crook said she had managed to overcome her fear of snakes for her partner, Gary Crook, who was interested in the reptiles.

‘Three years ago I was absolutely petrified of snakes but my partner really loved them,’ she said.

‘When he decided he really wanted a snake I did a reptile husbandry course and started getting used to them.’

Mr Crook and Ms Vinen have seven pythons and hope to add more reptiles to their collection soon.

Ms Vinen recently obtained her licence to handle venomous snakes.

She said she was looking forward to helping out the community when the warmer months approached.

‘We just want to raise awareness that snakes aren’t as bad as people are led to believe,’ she said.

‘They don’t attack or chase you but if you try to grab them they will defend themselves.’

Around Ellenbrook, snakes are commonly found under tin at building sites or under decking or brickwork.

Ms Vinen said it was illegal to kill snakes and urged people to call Ellenbrook Reptile Relocators if they find snakes on their property.

For further inquiries, call Ellenbrook Reptile Relocators on 6296 5216 or 0423 234 078.