#SnapPerth: Upper Reach Winery owner can’t imagine not living in Swan Valley

Laura Pearce. Picture: Bruce Hunt www.communitypix.com.au d475594
Laura Pearce. Picture: Bruce Hunt www.communitypix.com.au d475594

THE SWAN Valley has been home to Laura Pearson for the past 20 years since she and her husband Derek moved from London to start Upper Reach Winery.

Mrs Pearson said she could not imagine living anywhere else and the Swan Valley had stolen her heart.

She said the Swan Valley was so diverse and offered so much for residents and tourists alike.

“We have the best of both worlds. It’s a rural environment with birds, trees and the grape vines, but we’re still close enough to go into the city,” she said.

She said her favourite thing to do was look out over her property with a glass of wine.

“I love to just relax among the trees and the river enjoying a glass of wine, with some locally grown nuts or olives,” she said.

“I love the riverside walk at Woodbridge Park. I usually start my day with a 40-minute walk with my dog down there, it’s so lovely.

“Also the lookout over Brigadoon on Campersic Road is just beautiful.”

Mrs Pearson said she felt so lucky to live in the Swan Valley.

“I love how friendly everyone is and the family feel of the valley,” she said.

“We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.”

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