Suburb’s connection with greatness

Suburb’s connection with greatness

It was the last time he was to set foot on Perth soil after he carved a reputation for himself at the Caversham Motor Racing Circuit during the 1950s and 1960s.

The Brabham area has significant historical motor racing connections for the many West Australians who attended races at Caversham Circuit from 1946 to 1968.

Thanks to a campaign from the Vintage Sports Car Club of WA, the suburb of Brabham now immortalises the Formula 1 champion.

However, the name was hard fought.

Like a close race, ‘Brabham’ was neck and neck with ‘Albion’ for several years.

VSCCWA member and Caversham Preservation Trust vice-president Ed Farrar said the club pushed hard for the tribute to the area’s motoring history.

‘When Brabham was mentioned, it was immediately clear that was what we wanted,’ he said.

‘Albion was just a name that had been scribbled on a map many years ago; it had no meaning.

‘The only place Jack Brabham ever raced in WA was at Caversham, but not many people knew who he was the first time he came here.’

After several years, a change of government and frequent letters to the Geographic Names Committee, the VSCCWA was successful in its bid to name Brabham.

‘Lady Margaret Brabham was also of enormous assistance to us and did whatever she could to help,’ Mr Farrar said.

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