Survey finds train line is Ellenbrook residents’ No. 1 concern

Survey finds train line is Ellenbrook residents’ No. 1 concern

A RECENT community survey of over 2000 people in Ellenbrook and surrounding areas showed 82.8 per cent of residents want a train line to the area as soon as possible.

The Swan Hills Labor campaign commissioned a service provider to conduct the survey, which asked 2104 participants “in relation to train services to Ellenbrook, which statement best reflects your views?”

Over 82 per cent of the people surveyed answered that they supported a train to Ellenbrook as soon as possible.

A little over 11 per cent did not believe Ellenbrook needed a train line, and 5.8 per cent supported the Barnett Government’s plan to bring a train line to Ellenbrook sometime after 2050.

The survey also asked Ellenbrook residents what the most important local issues to them were.

Public transport topped the list as their number one concern, with 42.1 per cent listing it at the top.

Some 20.4 per cent listed health, 15.5 per cent listed jobs, 10.7 per cent listed education and 11.3 per cent said other concerns.

Candidate for Swan Hills Jessica Shaw said the results spoke for themselves. “The results of this community survey show the majority of people in Ellenbrook want a train line as soon as possible,” she said.

“I will fight for better public transport for Ellenbrook, and I plan to continue talking to residents and finding out what they want from a WA Labor Government.”

Ellenbrook resident Vicki Howlett said the train line was something needed sooner rather than later.

“I’ve got a teenager and I’ve got a daughter that’s 12, so my kids are getting up to the age where they’re going to require access to be getting everywhere,” she said.

“We really want the train to happen so we can access other places; it will be good for our youth, it will be good for working people and for me to get to medical appointments.”