Swan Valley: more details sought on water pipeline

Swan Valley: more details sought on water pipeline

As part of the Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million, the Government released maps with a scale of 1:300,000 so residents could make public comment on the plan.

“The lack of specific detail prevents land owners from assessing whether their land is affected at all,” Ms Saffioti said.

“It also prevents the community from making any accurate comments on the proposed infrastructure within the plan.”

Ms Saffioti said she had been advised that the community “hit a brick wall” when it tried to get larger labelled and more meaningful copies of that map in figure 23 in the plan.

“The proposal is a significant piece of infrastructure that would impact directly on the Swan Valley,” she said.

“The lack of clarity for residents on the proposed pipeline also contradicts recent statements made in the community.

“The State Government must either immediately release more detailed maps of the proposed infrastructure or rule it out.”