Vigilance urged in light of crime spike

It was revealed 600 crimes against people or property were committed each day across the state last year.

Crime in the northern suburbs jumped at a huge rate, with a 90 per cent increase in home burglaries from 2014 to 2015.

Senior Sergeant Wal Brierley said he was baffled at the amount of burglaries that occurred through leaving doors or windows unlocked.

“Thirty per cent of burglaries are unforced; it’s opportunistic crime and it is preventable,” he said.

Sgt Brierley also expressed his shock at how many valuables were left visible in motor vehicles.

“It’s remarkable how many handbags I see sitting on seats,” he said.

“If you remove valuables from eyesight, you remove the temptation.”


THE team at Ellenbrook police station had a successful week, making three arrests in as many days.

Local police apprehended a Lockridge man (39) in Ellenbrook after a six-week crime spree that began in mid December .

He was charged with 13 offences, including aggravated burglary, burglary, vehicle theft, damage, failing to stop, reckless driving and no authority to drive.

Ellenbrook police also charged a Brabham man (24) with one count of burglary and one of stealing after recovering property from a building site. A Rivervale woman (29) was charged with three counts of stealing and three of fraud, ending her alleged credit card fraud spree.