White powder found on Ellenbrook teen in Bali likely paracetamol

Jamie Murphy (right).
Jamie Murphy (left).
Jamie Murphy (right). Jamie Murphy (left).

A BAG of white powder found on Ellenbrook teenager Jamie Murphy in a Bali nightclub is likely to be paracetamol.

The Advocate understands local police sources told News Corp that the substance was not an illegal drug, and that Mr Murphy’s blood and urine tests for traces of drugs came back negative.

Mr Murphy (18) was arrested at the popular Sky Garden nightclub in Kuta about 1am on Tuesday morning , after he was allegedly caught with 1.46g of white powder.

The former Ellenbrook Secondary College student, who graduated in 2015, spent his second night in a jail cell in Kuta last night.

Under Indonesian law, he could be held for up to three days before officially being named a suspect, and another three days without being charged.

If more than a gram of an illicit drug is found, he could be jailed for up to 12 years.

Former Ellenbrook resident Calum Eiffler, whose brother Jay Baxter arrived in Bali with Mr Murphy and four other friends on Sunday, said Jamie was a “good kid”.

“He doesn’t drink or anything,” he said.

“I’m assuming he’s innocent. They’re all good boys those boys there.”

Mr Eiffler also said the arrest had cut his brother’s trip short.

“My brother is coming back ASAP,” he said.

A spokeswoman from the Education Department said no comment was available on the situation due to its “volatility”, but did confirm Mr Murphy was not a 2016 school leaver.

His parents flew to Bali yesterday and have met with the Australian consul.