Peter Cala Walk Cleaned Up By Youths

THE youth of today are very often condemned as a waste of space by us old guys, however, around 6pm on Saturday, February 13 my faith in human nature was restored.

I live in Parklands Village, Ellenbrook and frequently we walk our dog along the Peter Cala Walk. This path is usually strewn with bottles and cans and other debris discarded by youths who pass this way.

As a rule, we locals pick up this rubbish.

However, this evening we were amazed to witness two boys aged around 14 spend some considerable time wading in the stream and removing bottles, cans and other debris from the water.

Now this is a dangerous thing to do as there would be many broken bottles in the water and bare feet would be no match for a broken bottle.

At that point the boys’ father came to inform them that it was time to go and so the willing lads proceeded to put the cans and bottles into shopping bags so that they could take them to the nearest green bin.

I did not get the names of these boys, but I think they deserve a reward for their efforts: at the very least a vote of thanks from all of us locals – good on ya lads.

LEN HALL, Ellenbrook.