Herne Hill Residents Reassured After Draft Plans Released

THERE seems to have been a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and fear mongering within the community over what might be the result from the 2015 draft Swan Valley Development Plan.

I therefore wish to share with the community the following facts.

The 2015 draft Swan Valley Development Plan was released for more than 100 days of a public consultation to provide the community with the opportunity to comment on how development in the valley may occur in the future. The consultation period closed on January 31.

A concept plan for the potential development of Herne Hill was included as an example of how this important suburb within the Swan Valley could look.

May I stress that it is a concept only and does not define how or where development will occur.

Unfortunately, residents have been led to believe that their homes would be demolished should the plan proceed.

The chairman of the Western Australian Planning Commission has now written to residents of Herne Hill to reassure them that their homes are not under threat in any way.

Due to the misunderstanding, the chairman has provided a further opportunity specifically for Herne Hill residents to comment on the draft plan.

I have been working with the Minister for Planning to make sure that the views of the Swan Valley are heard and I have also made a formal submission on the draft plan during the consultation period reflecting the views of my constituents.


Member for the East

Metropolitan Region

Parliamentary Secretary to the

Minister for Health; Tourism.