Trains a long way off

I AM amazed by all the publicity about Ellenbrook transport, which has gone on and on since 2008 without real justification and much research.

We have been involved with Ellenbrook since day one when we paid a deposit on a block that we changed to a smaller block later on to buy the first cottage site here.

Alan Carpenter made a big mistake when he promised a railway here prior to the 2008 State election, which was then tongue-in-cheek matched by Colin Barnett.

From a recent survey, there seems little justification for a railway to Ellenbrook for at least another 10 to 15 years.

We seldom see more than two people on buses that pass our home, which is and has been on a main bus route for nearly 16 years.

In addition, there is little need yet for a more rapid bus system because if the buses travel any more than 80km/h on Lord Street, Whiteman, they would exceed the speed limit, which I notice they do now from time to time.

I think Rita Saffioti ought to live closer to this West Swan/Ellenbrook area really to understand what is happening here rather than rely on others in or outside Ellenbrook.

Last year’s research shows at the most only about 1000 residents a day would travel from Ellenbrook to Bassendean, Morley or the city and travel seems to leave here in all direction and the bus/train to Perth works quite well as all trains stop at Bassendean for Perth or Midland.