Pacing: Wayne Currall’s Gloucester Park tips, September 9

PACING writer Wayne Currall’s tips for this Friday night at Gloucester Park:

R1: INFINITE SYMBOL; Our Angel Of Harlem; Liberty Rose; Amelias Courage.

R2: COVERED N DIAMONDS; Gotta Go Gabbana; Nothingbutadream; Bettor Boa.

R3: RUNRUNJIMMYDUNN; Zennart; Vampiro; Ima Rocknroll Legend.

R4: FROSTY FLYER; Trison; Real Zeal; Walkabout Creek.

R5: LADY DE LA RENTA; Bechers Brook; Benhope Rulz; Golden State. R6: MACCHIATO; Campora; Ohoka Darcy; Dana Duke.

R7: WHOZIDEAWASTHIS (best bet); Alfs Odyssey; Carter Micheal; Nitro Lad.

R8: TUAS DELIGHT; Mister Tom Dooley; Tactile Sensation; Three Blind Mice.

R9: RED OCTOBER (best double); Heez Manly; Mighty Mr Sharkey; Your Excused.

R10: MIGHTY FLYING DEAL; Destined To Rule; Cest Lheure; Bravo Tex.