Pacing: Wayne Currall’s Gloucester Park tips, September 9

PACING writer Wayne Currall’s tips for this Friday night at Gloucester Park:

R1: SHEEZ EDGY; Soho Changeling; Sea Me Smile; Eyes On The Money.

R2: OUR ZAK WHITBY; Ima Rocknroll Legend; Sheer Rocknroll; Hot Fraternity.

R3: LIBERTY ROSE; Our Angel Of Harlem; Miss Sangrial; Princess Major.

R4: MILITARY MASTER (best bet); Ohoka Darcy; Addfueltofire; Mighty Flying Thomas.

R5: SPEED MAN; Bechers Brook; Ocean Ridge; Bright Diamond.

R6: BETTORS FIRE; My Hard Copy; Runrunjimmydunn; Zennart.

R7: HEEZ MANLY; Carter Micheal; Athabascan; Tuas Delight.

R8: THE BUCKET LIST; Risk; Tactile Sensation; Pacific Playboy.

R9: RED OCTOBER; All The Whispers; Whozideawasthis; Art Keeper.

R10: LORD WILLOUGHBY (best double); El Jacko; The Accumulator; Aussie Jet.