Joondalup Entertainers Theatre School creates music video for song written by teacher for student

A HIGH-energy music video Itchy Blood released this month highlights the talents of northern suburbs youngsters.

The Joondalup Entertainers Theatre School (JETS) created the music video for a song written by singing teacher Charley Caruso for student Reece Curle (13).

Ms Caruso, of Boss Music in Joondalup, said she originally wrote the song for Reece two years ago to help him express his hyperactive nature.

“The whole song is based in the classroom and it’s about that feeling where you can’t concentrate,” she said.

“All you want to do is sing or dance or do something creative.

“Kids in general can relate, but kids with ADHD can really understand that.”

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Late last year, they decided to put together the video with several singing and hip-hop students, including Levi Bond (10) as a lead singer with Reece.

Ellenbrook-based Dion Cochrane, of Reeleyes Video Production, filmed the youngsters at Mindarie Senior College in December and JETS published the video on YouTube on March 4.

The Itchy Blood cast includes other Jetstarz singers Courtney Ridgewell, Laura Ambrosini, Blake Barisani, Aimee Evans, Layci Cooper, Millie Harrison, Grace Perks, Courtney Ridgewell, Mikayla Rollason and Shakira Tran.

It also features JETS hip-hop crew dancers Ray Alna, Zac Anstey, Daniel Cooke and Sean Smith.

Behind the scenes support came from Abbie Smith, Pam Alna, Jonas Mulombwa and Gloria Richmond.

Reece joined JETS seven years ago and is now one of its junior teachers, while Levi joined the Arena Joondalup-based school two years ago.

JETS director Ros Boyer said the 13-year-old school was family-centred and gave many youngsters “something to belong to”.

“All the songs that we do with the kids are based on their own experiences,” she said.

Ms Caruso said she wanted to teach children they did not need to wait until their 20s to create videos and the next project would be for the song Star Child.

“That’s about the concept that one person can change the world,” she said.

“It’s one of those empowering songs.”