Pearsall builder cops fine

A PEARSALL builder has been fined by the Building Services Board for completing work on a granny flat without a permit.

The Board fined David Allan Russell $4000 for working on an unauthorised property in South Lake between January and April 2014.

A City of Cockburn complaint to the Building Commission prompted the disciplinary action after City compliance officers took photographs of the completed flat.

Mr Russell obtained retrospective approval for the building in June this year.

The Board took into account Mr Russell’s co-operation when deciding on the penalty.

The project was one of his first as a self-employed builder after he stopped working for a big building company.

Building Commissioner Peter Gow said that given his experience, Mr Russell would have been aware of his obligations.

“Mr Russell’s experience in the industry suggests he would have been aware of his obligation to obtain a building permit before he constructed the granny flat,” he said.“It is important that builders meet their responsibilities in respect to building permits for safety reasons.

“It is the person named as the builder on the permit who is responsible for ensuring that the building is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications and complies with the applicable building standards.”