Shakespeare to debut at Wanneroo’s Limelight Theatre with Romeo and Juliet

Padbury resident Callum O'Mara and Lauren Thomas play the title roles in Romeo and Juliet. Picture: Peter Clark
Padbury resident Callum O'Mara and Lauren Thomas play the title roles in Romeo and Juliet. Picture: Peter Clark

KNOWN as the greatest love story ever told, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is coming to Wanneroo.

Directed by Peter Clark, this will be the first time Shakespeare has been performed at Limelight Theatre in its 45-year history.

The story follows two star-crossed lovers who come together despite constant opposition from their warring families.

Clark said he had gone for a contemporary take on the Shakespeare classic.

Romeo and Juliet’s warring families: Lord and Lady Montague (David Nelson and Wanneroo resident Julie Clark) and Lady and Lord Capulet (Nikki Di Camillo and Padbury resident Mark Fitzpatrick). Picture: Peter Clark

“This is to ensure the production is easily accessible for the audience – for both first-time Shakespeareans and the experienced – so they have the ability to relate and feel for the characters as the story unfolds,” he said.

“Our production designer has designed and produced a wonderful set and staging for the show.

“The overall look and feel of the production is also assisted with very specific lighting effects, music, film and costume.

“I was trained to believe that Shakespeare was written for all and should never be perceived as boring or dated; my approach to this production provides all the necessary ingredients to ensure it is not.

“It’s a two-hour production that packs a punch without losing the core integrity of the script and central themes around love.”

The nurse (Jindalee resident Leisha Fox) with Romeo (Padbury resident Callum O’Mara), Mercutio (Sorrento resident Jared Herft) and Benvolio (Josh Flaherty). Picture: Peter Clark

Before coming to Perth in 2000, Clark trained as an actor in London and worked for several theatre companies, including one season with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

“I have performed in Romeo and Juliet professionally in the UK as both Romeo and Benvolio and, even though I’ve directed a handful of Shakespeare productions over the past 15 years, Romeo and Juliet remained untouched,” he said.

What: Romeo and Juliet
When: 8pm, September 27-29, October 4-6, 10-13 and 2pm, October 7
There: Limelight Theatre, Wanneroo
Tickets: or 0499 954 016