Album takes it to a new echelon: Astor Lounge

Echelon is launching a new album.
Echelon is launching a new album.

FORMER St Mark’s Anglican Community School student Dane Jolly, who now produces music under the name Echelon, will launch his latest album at the Astor Lounge this Thursday.

Redemption and Glory was four years in the making and is best described as an electronic album with blended styles of industrial rock featuring techno, break beat and dub step. It then moves into the electro genre with US-style hip-hop and down-tempo synth-pop.

“The sound and style of Echelon is broad,” the former Greenwood resident said.

“The range of songs will appeal to people who love a variety of genres.”

LA rapper Crisis Mr Swagger, who has shared the stage with NWA, Akon and Sean Paul and is now based in Perth, contributed most of the album’s rapping component.

Rob Grant, who has previously worked with Lenny Kravitz, Tame Impala, The Panics and Eskimo Joe, mastered the album.

Echelon will launch Redemption and Glory along with his latest music video Part of Me at 7.30pm at the Astor Lounge, upstairs at the Astor Theatre in Mt Lawley.

Hosted by Andre and Kat Pagano from My Kitchen Rules, the event will also feature live performances from Crisis Mr Swagger, Danah Mitchell and Ben Bowden.

Entry is free.