Chance for stars to shine

Performers Luis Barnes and Jessica Carr.
Performers Luis Barnes and Jessica Carr.

The budding stars include northern suburbs locals Jessica Carr, Luis Barnes, Grace Elford, Chloe Marlow (who shares the role of Jemima) and Hannah Snelson.

Around 300 hopefuls auditioned for producers on the first weekend in June, where they had to sing, dance and perform a small section from the production.

From this, they worked out which to cast in the ensemble and potential choices for the child leads of Jeremy and Jemima.

‘We needed to find the correct ‘look’ as these children are iconic characters and we remain faithful to the creators,’ associate producer Adrian Storey said. ‘All the children were terrific and we took great care to encourage them and explain that auditioning is part of every performer’s life.’

Storey said Hobson and Beck found it thrilling to work with a different cast of children in each city they played in, re-creating their fictional family, which kept their performances fresh.

‘And we take great care to help all the children take something away from their experience with us,’ he said. ‘After all, they are our future.’

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is showing at Crown Theatre Perth until October 6.