Exploring complexity

Play examines serious issues
Play examines serious issues

Written by David Williamson, the show is an adult comedy about a woman named Suzy who accuses her former employer of harassment after failing to comply with his sexual demands.

Cataldo plays Suzy’s father Brian ” a character full of mixed emotions.

‘He displays a combination of regret and remorse, followed by pride and stubbornness,’ he said.

‘The main challenge is portraying the emotional journey Brian goes through ” he’s an alcoholic dealing with improprieties of both the past and present, as well as his own mortality.

‘He also has to admit to behaviour which probably scarred his family for life.’

Director Dale James said the story play looked at the complex and confusing issues surrounding a sexual harassment allegation.

‘It’s set in the 1990s when the phrase sexual harassment was still relatively new to the workplace setting,’ she said.

‘Women accepted men’s sometimes offensive behaviour as the norm.’

Brilliant Lies was also made into a 1996 film with Anthony LaPaglia, Gia and Zoe Carides and Ray Barrett.