Heart set on singing

Sharmain Kendrick has filmed a video clip for her new single, Break your heart.
Sharmain Kendrick has filmed a video clip for her new single, Break your heart.

Sharmain Kendrick said the song was about a young girl who was not ready for the love she was experiencing.

�Whether she was scared or crazy for feeling the way she did, she wishes she could hit rewind so she never hurt the person she shared that time with,� she said.

Kendrick shot the video for it on the NSW central coast with producer Duncan Toombs at The Filmery.

She grew up listening to a broad range of music from her idol Shania Twain, Michael Jackson and Tina Arena to Elvis, Faith Hill, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles and Australian country singer Adam Brand.

�From a child�s point of view, Shania made country music cool,� she said.

�I love the stories they tell and the passion and meaning behind the lyrics.

�Everybody has a story and almost everyone can relate to a country music song.

�These days I still listen to such a wide range of music, |anything from country to musical theatre classics to rock and |roll.�

Kendrick started singing and dancing at a young age and initially dance took centre stage, travelling around Australia and the world while working for Tokyo Disney and Princess Cruise Lines for four years.

She decided to hang up the dancing shoes as the pirouetting took its toll on her body.

�My body had had enough,� Kendrick said.

�I had always sung throughout my dancing career, so that took the front seat.

�I was one of the lead singers in a singing and dancing girl band doing burlesque shows, which toured around Perth for about 12 months.

�After I left the group I felt something was missing � pop music wasn�t really sitting right with me.

�I started singing and performing country music (and) getting a few gigs here and there.

�Then I did a set at Boyup Brook Country Music Festival and that is when I realised I have to do this, I want this.

�I love being on stage; it�s where I feel at home and performing with a live band to fans.�

Brand said Kendrick was not �just another cute singer with stars in her eyes�.

�She�s a seasoned performer who�s not only talented but knows who she is and where she�s going,� he said.