Karnivool ride back home

Karnivool ride back home

The Aussie rockers now have a bit of time to work on side projects and ‘try do some writing’ before embarking on a national tour with good friends Dead Letter Circus, who are coming off a world tour.

Hosking said the double-billed tour was a long time coming, having toured together many years ago.

He said despite both bands being incredibly busy, they often talked online and ‘January just fit’. And the timing couldn’t be better with Karnivool’s third album Asymmetry debuting at number one on the ARIA chart last July and Dead Letter Circus’s second album The Catalyst Fire debuting soon after at number two.

Joining them on the upcoming Polymorphism Tour is sleepmakeswaves.

Hosking said he was ‘excited to be touring with three great Australian bands’.

So what can Perth fans expect when Karnivool come home to play on January 23?

‘A lot of progressive rock ” it’s going to be a prog-fest,’ Hosking said. ‘We get that homely vibe in a few places we go to but it’s always great to play in Perth.

‘There’s always a bit of head-spotting in the crowd and seeing old friends.’

He is looking forward to performing at Red Hill Auditorium for the first time.

‘I always love playing at venues when you’re looking up at everyone,’ he said.

The nine-date tour will kick of what Hosking hinted would be a big year.

‘There’s a bunch of international touring and some more Australian dates and a bunch of quite different stuff actually, so 2014 is looking busy for us, which is good,’ he said.

And a fourth album is on the cards, which Hosking jokes could be another four years away in true Karnivool tradition (Themata released 2005, Sound Awake in 2009 and Asymmetry in 2013).

‘Every time we’ve said ‘it’s not going to take that long’ but we get a bit sick of saying that so yeah, let’s just say it’s going to take four years and if it comes in early we’ll be happy with ourselves,’ he said.