Kitty’s comeback

Debuting at Wanneroo’s Limelight Theatre from January 28, Kitty Klaxton: Blonde Downstairs is the follow-up to last year’s Fringe show Kitty Klaxton: A Disco Ate My Baby.

Kitty Klaxton is an original character created gradually over a few years by Aveley actor, singer and entertainer Andrew Simpson, based on various people he has met and worked with.

“She is a very funny but often tragic character who was once famous in Europe in the early 1980s for a very brief time,” Simpson said.

“Kitty had a hit single in Germany in 1981 and then sadly was never heard of again.

“She spends her days trying to recapture her former fame alongside her long suffering manager Ernest Hunt and his gold digging assistant Lott Bumps.”

He said audiences could expect a funny, energetic show, starring Simpson, Suzanne Clark and Greg Hopson, that features original songs in the style of 80s artists such as Abba, Cyndi Lauper, Bananarama and Madonna.