Photographer takes a dive

Juke goes for a ball underwater. Picture: Nick Thake
Juke goes for a ball underwater. Picture: Nick Thake

WARWICK photographer Nick Thake is hoping to make a bit of a splash with his pictures this festive season.

Inspired by US photographer Seth Casteel’s Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies books, Thake recently started taking photos of Perth dogs diving for balls.

“I saw his pictures and being an underwater photographer myself knew I had the right equipment for the job and went on the hunt for my first ‘Soggy Doggy’,” he said.

“A friend mentioned that she would like the same type of photos for her family dog, so this was my first opportunity to see if I could capture a similar image. The shoot is great fun and highly amusing; it takes a high level of patience to achieve such a shot and shooting with professional equipment definitely helps.”

Thake said he had had taken to social media to promote the $150 ‘Soggy Doggy’ photoshoots and planned to run a Christmas special.

The marine scientist said his wedding photography business grew as the mining industry quietened, and he took engagement and maternity pictures underwater as well.

“I have a great love for the water both over and under,” he said.

“In recent years whilst the oil and gas industry has quietened with scientific work I have developed underwater photography into my current position as a self-employed wedding photographer.

“I found that during the quiet times between weddings I needed something else to keep myself entertained and started to explore different styles of photography to offer Perth new creative photoshoots.

“Other cool unique shoots that I am trying very hard to push is ‘underwater engagement’ and ‘underwater maternity’.”