$32 million commercial development planned for Banksia Grove

$32 million commercial development planned for Banksia Grove
$32 million commercial development planned for Banksia Grove

A $32 MILLION commercial development is planned for Banksia Grove.

The North West Development Assessment Panel approved an application from MGA Town Planners at its July 8 meeting.

Located near the corner of Joseph Banks Boulevard and Joondalup Drive, north of the existing shopping centre, the development will include a Woolworths supermarket, liquor store, gym, various retailers and a town square.

Dome Banksia Grove owners Sheryl and Robin Lockhart spoke against the proposal at the meeting, saying they were worried that the site did not provide adequate connection to the existing centre.

“It looks like the road cuts the two places in half and that’s our biggest concern,” Mr Lockhart said.

“We need people to be able to move freely between north and south.”

City of Wanneroo officer Jeremy Thompson said the developers had agreed to ensure pedestrian access between the two sites.

“We have confirmation from all parties that they do want that connection to be provided. Everyone does want to see that pedestrian connection,” he said.

The City’s recommended condition to limit the number of patrons within the proposed gym to 40 at any time concerned panel members, with deputy presiding member Clayton Higham saying it was “not necessary”.

The five-member panel unanimously approved the plan without the condition and several others relating to plans being submitted to the City for approval.

Aldi has recently applied to the City to build a store west of the proposed development, while the submitted plan shows future pad sites east of the shopping centre, which is consistent with the Banksia Grove district centre local structure plan.