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David Leslie Patrick Back.
David Leslie Patrick Back.

David Leslie Patrick Back, also known as Davic, trades under two unregistered business names � Southside Asbestos Removals and Southside Asbestos and Demolition.

A WorkSafe Protection spokeswoman said Mr Back had taken money for work he never completed and on two occasions had dangerously exposed homeowners to asbestos they had to remove themselves.

Nine customers have complained about his actions, including residents in Landsdale and Butler.

He advertises on Gumtree with false licence and registration numbers, saying he is approved by WorkSafe.

The spokeswoman said Mr Back�s address was unknown because he used multiple mobile numbers and operated from multiple suburbs.

Acting Consumer Protection commissioner Gary Newcombe warned consumers to avoid Mr Back.

�We are very keen to locate Mr Back and put a stop to his dangerously deceptive and incompetent behaviour which is jeopardising the health and safety of consumers and the wider community,� he said.

�Anyone who has information about Mr Back�s whereabouts, or may have had recent dealings with him, should contact either Consumer Protection or WorkSafe immediately.�

WorkSafe WA executive director Lex McCulloch said workers needed training before handling asbestos.

�Only a licence holder, or an employee of a licence holder, is allowed to carry out the removal of asbestos. Only if the asbestos is bonded, or not broken, and the amount is under 10 square metres can it be removed without a licence,� he said.

A list of licensed asbestos removalists is at www.worksafe.wa.|