Beware of paying by cash

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Acting Commissioner David Hillyard has promoted debit and credit card payments as a more secure method because they are refundable when services are not received.

Customers who had pre-paid the company to hold their weddings in Bali were left thousands of dollars out of pocket. Consumer Protection estimates as much as $180,000 has been lost.

Mr Hillyard said it served as a reminder of the risks involved with payments by cash, EFTPOS or direct bank transfer.

‘The insolvency process can take time and you may not get all, or any, money back,’ he said.

‘If a business goes bust you’ll have to join the queue with everyone else who is owed money but if you use a credit card there’s the option of a refund through ‘chargeback’,’ he said.

‘If you made a Bali D’Luxe booking using a credit card or selecting credit on a debit card, you should seek a chargeback (transaction reversal) from your card provider because you did not receive any goods or services in return for the amount paid.’

He said affected customers, classed as ‘unsecured creditors’, should register their details with liquidator RSM Bird Cameron on 9261 9100 or louis.bailey@rsmi.