Calls for Govt to deliver on marina pledge

In March 2013, prior to a State Government election, the Times reported that Ocean Reef MLA Albert Jacob said ‘rather than just giving the City of Joondalup more money to do more plans, we will have the State Government take over the responsibility for progressing the marina’s approval’.

Mr Travers said while he agreed with Moore MHR Ian Goodenough’s call for private sector involvement (Times February 24), he thought the ‘real issue’ was when the State Government would take over responsibility. ‘To date, the only time money was given to assist the City of Joondalup was the last Labor government in 2007 and that was $200,000,’ he said.

‘People are getting increasingly frustrated. Prior to elections, people make promises.

‘Since 2007, no State government has delivered.

‘At that time, it was clear there was more work to be done so we said we would give another $1 million but (Ocean Reef MLA) Albert Jacob said the State Government would take over responsibility instead.

‘There’s no way the City has the financial capacity to do the development. It requires the State Government to take over for it to happen and it would significantly assist if the Federal Government makes a financial contribution.’

Mr Jacob said the State Government had provided $100,000 in 2010 towards the redevelopment planning progress and $450,000 in 2013 for interim improvement works to the site.

‘The state has contributed around $1 million and the City of Joondalup ” who are the proponents ” have contributed even more,’ he said. ‘The City and State Government have invested heavily in the marina redevelopment and I would welcome any Commonwealth funding.’