Car wash to expand

The proposal it also includes six vacuum bays, two laser car washes, one open wash area, an office, 14 car-parking bays and a small external seating area for the food outlet was conditionally approved at last month�s Joondalup council meeting.

A council document said the development at 8 The Gateway met most planning requirements except the vacuum and chamois bay, which is proposed to have a setback of 3.8m to the street boundary instead of 6m, but this would not have an �adverse impact on the streetscape�.

At the same meeting, councillors also conditionally approved modifications to a car wash that has not been operational for some time at 57 Joondalup Drive, Edgewater.

The proposal is to turn the mechanical drive-through car wash into a hand car wash and reception area with caf� for customers. The site is part of the Joondalup Gate development and the proposed works are next to the existing Shell Coles Express service station.

A council document said the proposal met most planning requirements except car parking and building setbacks but it was consistent with other developments in the area and would be �an improvement on the existing un-used mechanical car wash�.